Empowering Patients at the Heart of New Webinar

Empowering Patients at the Heart of New Webinar

The Wellness Network’s in-facility educational videos and content informs patients with relevant, tailored data regarding their conditions.  Get Real Health is the leader in global patient engagement technology geared toward a collaborative approach to care. Who better to partner up and create a webinar aimed to inform and encourage adoption?

Recent studies estimate that heart failure related conditions contribute to some $34 billion dollars in health care expenditures annually. With February earmarked as Heart Health Month, Get Real Health is teaming up with The Wellness Network to lead a webinar entitled, “Improving Heart Disease through Empowering and Engaging Patients.”

With approximately 550,000 new cases diagnosed each year, a growing number of Americans need tools to manage a health condition at home. This webinar will detail the available solutions to assist patients and practitioners alike with remote care and communication.

Our own Jenn Bowers will demonstrate how our products can track the symptoms and lifestyle changes that accompany a chronic heart ailment. Having that info at the ready enables practitioners to identify alarming trends and stave off an emergent situation. Additionally, these tools teach heart patients to listen to their bodies and follow a prescribed protocol remotely,

The Wellness Network’s, Meg Miller, will speak to the power that lies in educating patients. The company’s award-winning library of videos and printable data reaches over 28 million individuals each year. The thrust of this educational content is to empower patients to gain knowledge about conditions through vetted materials presented in an easy to read format tailored to specific patient needs.

Together, Get Real Health and The Wellness Network are expanding the reach and scope of products available to patients. This two-pronged approach offers chronic heart disease patients a trusted source for data as well as the electronic tools to put that data to use in self-managing care. In turn, practitioners can facilitate a collaborative relationship with patients leading to better outcomes overall.

Join us on February 21st at 11 am for a live demonstration and more useful information. You can register today at http://bit.ly/2sRus4m.  Can’t make it?  That’s okay! Go ahead and sign up and we will send you the recording after. 

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